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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a lot going on this wednesday thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. and i'm terry mcsweeney.
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new photographs showing u.s. soldiers posing with the remains of suicide bombers in 2010 in afghanistan. the "l.a. times"s says it plans to publish them later today. the commander of coalition forces in afghanistan general allen condemned the photos and said the actions unmoon the daily sacrifices of thousands of troops. we'll continue to follow the story. back here in antioch, investigators trying to determine the cause of an apartment fire that damaged eight homes. this fire started after 9:00 last fight at 9 delta pines apartments on sycamore drive. -- it took firefighters -- [ unintelligible ] no word on exactly how many people were displaced. the fire chief says nobody was injured, two were taken to the hospital. hours from now divers will
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search four more morgan hill ponds and volunteers will be back out looking for any signs of sierra lamar. techs are pouring over 12 hours of data from sonar scans taken from several ponds. they are looking for anything out of the ordinary. yesterday divers found two cars in the ponds. >> we want to determine to make sure they've been there, we'll look and make sure they've been there for quite a while. >> detectives are following up on new leads from the crime lab's analysis of the evidence that includes her cell phone, bag, clothing and two condoms and an empty box labeled handcuffs found in a field near her home. investigators are not saying what they learned. the san francisco police department has opened an investigation into a deadly yacht racing accident off the farallon islands. the vessel crashed after being hit by two large waves
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saturday. within boater was killed, four are missing -- one boater with was killed, four missing and presumed dead. the san francisco police are in charge of any accident investigation. we are learning that a narrow window for salvaging the low speed chase opens this morning. the salvage effort would have to be stopped once the nesting season for birds and the pupping season for seals begins. >> once that occurs it precludes any attempt at salvage of the vessel because they don't want the birds disturbed during nesting >> the low speed chase has to be airlifted off the rocks to protect the environment. if it is not salvaged in the next few days the operation will be put on hold until october. it was 106 years ago this morning that san francisco was awakened by a major quake that would change the look of the city forever. follow that quake --
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[ unintelligible ] >> reporter: good morning. it is a meeting point every year city officials, residents and survivors come to remember. you can see they are getting ready now, people are starting to gather some are dressed in the styles of 1906. they plan to have a moment of silence here at 5:11, that's when the quake hit, 106 years ago. but, the festivities started yesterday. there was a parade through the streets of san francisco with two survivors at the center of it all. one survivor who was there via technology, 106-year-old bill del monte he decided the travel was too tough he would watch via skype and he did so with his fire helmet on. he was three months old when the quake hit, his home did burn down in the fires that rained through the city for days after the quake. the two survivors who attended
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are 107 and 106-years-old. scientists aren't sure how strong that earthquake was. they put it somewhere between 7.7 and 8.3 on the richter scale. there were two shocks that lasted more than a minute and more than 3,000 people died. more than a quarter million people were left homeless. today, they traditionally have a solemn tone as they remember the tragedy. they also combine it with some part joy as they celebrate the survivors and the fact that san francisco did rise up and recover. there's a full day planned. they will start here at the fountain then move to the golden fire hydrant they will give it a fresh coat of paint the fire hydrant known to have saved the mission district. then breakfast at lefty o'douls as of 6:00 this morning that is open to the public. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we'll plan on seeing you at 5:11 this morning when that
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commemoration begins. new facebook expansion. last night the city council voted unanimously to approve deal that will enable the company to bring nouns more employees to the new head -- bring thousands more employees to the new headquarters. menlo park will get millions in taxes and money for capital improvement. this morning, new details in a growing prostitution scandal involving the secret service. investigators say that u.s. agents and military personnel checked at least 20 women into their hotel rooms before president obama arrived in colombia last week. secret service director mark sullivan says, 11 secret service agents and 10 military personnel under investigation are all telling different stories about what happened. he has dispatched more investigators to colombia to interview the women.
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abc news has learned at accused agents will be forced to take a polygraph test. we'll have the latest from washington in 15 minutes. a senate committee will get its chance today to grill officials from the general services administration about lavish parties paid for with taxpayers' money. the house oversight committee has been questioning officials for the past two days. their testimony revealed the san francisco-based gsa manager who planned the did $823,000 trip to las vegas, also visited the napa wine country, hawaii, guam all on the taxpayers' dime. officials say jeff neilly -- jeff neeley took those trips even after he was warned they were excessive. the whistle-blower saying gsa is now trying to recover the cost from those trips. >> by the way, welcome back from hawaii. >> it is so nice. >> ours or theirs? >> ours.
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>> mike, thank you from kristen. >> i thought i brought it back, but if you want to bring it back from hawaii, that's fine. >> us and everybody else we are all comfortable. good morning. hopefully you were able to head out on spring break and enjoy some time away also. it is quiet, 24 hour temperature change as we talked about yesterday will be slightly cooler, napa, santa rosa, los gatos one to five degrees warmer. what we are seeing now is what we'll see at 8:00, partly sunny to mostly cloudy, temperatures in the 40s to around 50°. as we head towards noon low clouds leave us, mix of high clouds and sun upper 50s along the coast low to mid 60s for the rest of us upper 60s antioch, fairfield and napa. by 4:00, those areas with concord, will be in the low to
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mid 70s. mid to upper 60s around the bay shore. low 60s along the coast into san francisco. watch out for the pollen today, tree and mold will be high. today temperatures get back to normal. tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday above average all of us away from the coast could see our first 80s of the year itch good morning. -- the only thing that could slow you down now is roadwork. major roadwork eastbound 4 closed leverage out to somersville until 5:00, another 20 minutes. easy detour in place westbound traffic looking good. in oakland southbound 880 from broadway to fifth, lanes blocked until 5:00 as well. there could be slowing atyl the scene. just a heads up i'm waiting for the posey tube to reopen, i'll let you know if it doesn't open. here's a live shot of 680
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walnut creek you are good to go anywhere. contra costa county off to a nice start things clear southbound right towards highway 24 no trouble across the bay bridge, no delays at the toll plaza, roadwork on dumbarton bridge until 6:00 this morning. we'll show you a live shot in the south bay, northbound 280 and highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. 4:40. coming up, new details about a stand off between modesto police and suspected cop killer. how investigators state wanted man really died. coming to a theater near you. the movie star signing on to tell the oscar grant story. the r-rated stripper truck that caused a big3q
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from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone to the serene waters of glacier bay, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick.
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you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must. modesto police say the man who shot and killed a sheriff's deputy and a locks
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smith during an eviction last week died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. investigators believe he may died we the building caught fire. it appears he was planning on a violent confrontation with deputies. they found 22 firearms, 500 rounds of ammunition and a police scanner. he was also wearing a bulletproof vest and gas mask when his body was found. >> a new movie is being planned about oscar grant and the day leading up to his killing. his family has signed a deal for the independent film which will be titled "fruitvale" named after the station where grand was shot by former bart officer johannes mehserle. it is the brainchild of east bay film make is the writer and director according to the hollywood reporter, oscar
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winner octavia spencer has signed on to play grant's mother. >> we want people of color to see the disadvantage that we have. we want them to learn from what happened with oscar to try to stop that from happening to anyone else. >> actor michael b jordan said to be in talks to play grant. production could begin in july. larry flynn's hustler mobile is leaving san francisco for greener pasteurs. it has been rolling through the city advertising his north beach bar it ran into trouble in the richmond district where it has been parked overnight. the supervisor found out his constituents weren't happy and asked the van below located. it is taking its act on the road in las vegas.
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filed your state tax returns? you may have to do it again. >> next, last minute policy change in sacramento that could mean you have overpaid your taxes. >> reporter: the secret service sex scandal keeps growing. investigators in colombia interview key witnesses. i'm tahman bradley with the details, coming up. >> possible deal in washington that could keep dozens of postqq
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from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone to the serene waters of alaska's glacier bay. it's from these magnificent sources that we found inspiration for our newest scents, so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the new national park collection. something in the air wick. this morning the head of the secret service is sending more investigators to colombia as the probe into a prostitution scandal grows deeper. lawmakers are asking whether the women involved had access to sensitive information that could have jeopardized president obama's security. tahman bradley joins us live from washington with the latest. >> reporter: this scandal keeps growing. key members of congress say that alleged behavior like
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this could put the president's safety at risk. investigators are in columbia looking for witnesses. the secret service agents accused of soliciting prostitutes are about to face serious heat. the accused agents will be forced to take lie detector tests about their alleged misbehavior in colombia. this morning u.s. inspectors are on the ground interviewing witnesses and collecting video. many of the suspected prostitutes have been identified and will be interviewed. >> when you bring a guest into a hotel in colombia, they have to leave their photo id at the main desk. >> reporter: some agents implicated are talking trying to explain away bad judgment. >> some admit they did the wrong thing others denying there was involvement with prostitution. >> reporter: sources tell abc news in addition to secret service agents 10 or more military person them from every branch are implicated. new information as many as 21
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local women were allegedly involved. critics say national security was put at risk. >> they could be employees of the local drug cartels. they could be spies, planned -- planting eavesdropping devices, kidnap them. >> reporter: the alleged behavior called despicable. >> all the women in america were insulted, offended by the actions of these individuals. >> reporter: the white house says president obama still has confidence in the secret service director and the president is receiving regular updates about the investigation. tahman bradley, abc7 news. the state franchise tax board has made a late decision that could save individual taxpayers hundreds or thousands of dollars but those taxpayers may have to attend those to get savings. last fall announced guidelines warning they could no longer
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deduct certain items from their property tax bills including the cost of mosquito abatement and local school and library fees. the only item that could be deducted were the taxes based on the assessed value of the taxpayers' property. after hearing from the irs the tax board has reversed that position, causing many to review their returns. >> i'm disappointed in the fact that this was revealed at the last minute. i intend to amend my return and take advantage of the additional deductions because it is worth enough for me to do it. >> a franchise tax board spokesman says the board is kpwhrorg remedies for taxpayers tripped up bye-bye the sudden change. governor brown says the review has found that state employees regularly come pile several hundred unnecessary or outdated reports some include an annual report on the kangaroo population in
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australia. a monthly report on response to the 1989 earthquake. the governor has ordered an end to the production of half of those reports. governor brown says he requested the review as part of efforts to cut state spending. shouldn't australia -- maybe we ought to rely on their report. >> some of us are concerned about the kangaroos, thank you. >> we are indeed. >> mike what is going on? >> not much as far as spotting of kangaroos here. good morning, welcome to wednesday, warming trend begins today, a lot to talk about let's look at how calm it is a few high clouds, otherwise not much to worry about for the morning commute. if you are heading out the door now dress for 49 santa rosa, 48 los gatos, low to mid 50s elsewhere. monterey bay upper 40s, santa cruz and gilroy. here's what i think going to happen today high clouds sun, warming trend begins.
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80s away from the coast friday, saturday and sunday this will be the first time for most of us to hit 80. the only official reporting station to hit 80 santa rosa hit 80 on the 22 of february. more clouds and cooler next week, no rain. here's how much we jump today: head to the south bay high clouds, sun, low to mid 70s. up the peninsula, 60 sick millbrae, 69 san mateo low to mid 70s everybody else. upper 50s to low 60s for the coast. 59 pacifica, 61 in sunset. mid 60s downtown south san francisco.
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along the east bay shore richmond 65, 68 oakland to fremont at 70, east bay valleys mid to upper 70s, upper 70s in brentwood. low to mid 60s carmel and monterey. low to mid 70s monterey and santa cruz mid to upper 70s, morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. stray shower possible tahoe same chico 71, rain eureka 5, central valley mid to upper 70s. 94 today in palm springs. won the game last night giants did over the phillies 4-2. today the third game of the match, cool and dry 7:15, 61° dropping to 56. upper 40s palo alto, morgan hill, santa cruz, santa rosa, everybody else in the low to mid 50s tomorrow. storm track to our north close enough for that rain in the north sections of our state under the influence of the
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warm front and the warmer air that it brings. it will kickoff high clouds warm air invection clouds today. mostly sunny tomorrow warming trend will start to ramp up inland 80 tomorrow inland probably won't hit 80 around the bay until saturday mid 60s at the coast will hold on to the 80s inland sunday and then temperatures choser to average monday and tuesday. have a great day. we start with an accident-free commute. san mateo bridge live shot, traffic flows well roadwork across the dumbarton bridge should be cleared by 6:00. major roadwork still eastbound 4 closed leverage out to somersville until 5:00, should be reopening shortly. just a little slowing in the area. i'll take you to the waze traffic app this gives a better idea of the slow down to the street level. traffic moving eastbound at 31 miles per hour between
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leverage and somersville, easy detour in place. doesn't look like major slow down in the westbound direction. we can let you know how it looks on basco road as you head towards livermore this is information you can have go to to download our free traffic app and become a traffic spotter. 4:55 now. state senate committee approved a bill that would lessen penalties for possessing drugs. legislation would change the possession of heroin, meth and cocaine from a felony to a misdemeanor and send people convicted to drug treatment centers before they go to prison. the bill was introduced by
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senator leno of san francisco who says drug users who get help would be less likely to commit more crimes because they could receive treatment. the state law enforcement agencies are opposed to that bill. it needs approval by the full assembly and state senate. lawmakers considering a bill that could prevent post offices across the nation from closing and save saturday mail delivery. two in snow that and one in burlingame facing closure. the senate is debating whether to stabilize the postal service with a cash infusion of 11 billion dollars, it would be a refinanced of overpavements the postal service made to a federal retirement. it planned to start shutting down post offices this year but the closures have been postponed until may. mexican authorities raised alert level for erupt of a huge volcano near mexico city. the lava dome is growing in the crater.
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it has been spewing molten rock, ash leaving experts to predict the possibility of significant explosions of growing intensity. people are being warned to stay at least seven miles away. if the alert goes higher, evacuations will be ordered. uc berkeley facing new financial hurdle, fundraising for renovation of its football stadium is falling way short, millions, tens of millions, we are live with what it could mean for students. tragic twist in a murder-suicide in the north bay. protection the wife sought and did not get. dangerous whale rescue operation about to resume often coast of california. ñ0ñ0ñp
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